Project Partners

The project team are delighted to be working with our project partners in order to maximise the potential impact of our research in museum, educational, and archivist circles.

Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford, UK

The Bodleian Library at the University of Oxford have recently received a new and important donation of Emily Hobhouse’s papers which will be catalogued and made accessible using funding from our project. These new papers – not previously in the public domain – will be central to our research. The Bodleian will also host the UK opening of the project’s touring exhibition and accompanying public engagement events, and will make available a digitised selection of the new Hobhouse accession, as well as links to our ‘Gateways for Learning’ online educational resources.

Hull History Centre

Hull History Centre has amongst its archival collections the papers of the Union of Democratic Control, of which Hobhouse was a member (she also wrote pamphlets for them during the First World War). Hull History Centre will be a further site for a public lecture, and for the project’s UK touring exhibition. The Centre will work with the project team to curate a sample of their archival materials to be exhibited as part of our display.

Liskeard and Distict Museum

The Liskeard Museum will be working with the project team to raise Emily Hobhouse’s profile as a notable local figure (she was born and raised in nearby St. Ive), and will be hosting the project’s UK touring exhibition.

Anglo-Boer War Museum, Bloemfontein, South Africa

Site of Hobhouse’s interment, the War Museum have been central to Hobhouse’s memorialisation in South Africa. We will be collaborating with the War Museum to refresh the ways in which Hobhouse is publically commemorated, and the Museum will host the South African opening of the project’s touring exhibition, and related public engagement events. The Museum will also be our point of liaison with local schools, as part of their wider education programme, and will provide links on their website to our ‘Gateways for Learning’.

Smuts House Museum, Pretoria, South Africa

Smuts House Museum, the former residence of South African statesman Jan Smuts, is the main site for preserving and presenting Smuts’s legacy, including his long-term connections with Hobhouse and her circle. The Museum will be working with our project to help disseminate our research findings by hosting our touring exhibition, making space available for a public lecture, and providing links on their website to our planned ‘Gateways for Learning’.

The Heritage Portal

As a news platform for South Africa’s heritage community, the Heritage Portal will be helping to publicise project events, and may be the final repository for our ‘Gateways for Learning’.