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  • Rebecca Gill & Cornelis Muller, ‘The limits of agency: Emily Hobhouse’s international activism and the politics of suffering’, Safundi, Vol 19, Issue 1 (2018)

Talks and Lectures

  • Rebecca Gill and Helen Dampier, ‘Ministering Angels? Women and relief work in war and peace’,  ‘A Woman’s Place? Adult Talk Series’, Abbey House Museum, Leeds, 15 November 2018.
  • Helen Dampier and Rebecca Gill, ‘Shared Suffering? Emily Hobhouse and the translation of Tant’ Alie of the Transvaal: Her Diary 1880-1902‘, Long Nineteenth-Century Seminar Series, University of Oxford, 10 October 2018.
  • Helen Dampier and Rebecca Gill, Emily Hobhouse and Self-biography, 1899-1926: Reflections om her letters to R.I. Steyn, Historical Association of South Africa Conference, Bloemfontein, 20 June 2018.
  • Cornelis Muller, A contested legacy: The commemoration and memorialisation of Emily Hobhouse in South Africa, Historical Association of South Africa Conference, Bloemfontein, 20 June 2018.
  • Rebecca Gill presented ‘The Emotional Labour of Doing Relief Work and Writing About It: Emily Hobhouse’s ‘Martyr Complex’ 1899-1926, Gendering Humanitarian Knowledge: Global Histories of Compassion from the Mid-Nineteenth Century to the Present, University of Geneva, 20 – 21 April 2018.
  • Helen Dampier and Rebecca Gill presented ‘Constructing a Humanitarian Self: Emily Hobhouse’s Auto/biographical Traces, 1899 – 1926’, European Social Science History Conference, Belfast, 5 – 7 April, 2018.
  • Rebecca Gill presented ‘Save the Children and the question of compassion for ‘enemy’ children’,  Vulnerables: Compassio I Cures D’infermeria en la Historira de L’Humanitarisme, CSIC, Barcelona, 8 March, 2018.
  • Helen Dampier presented ‘Forgotten Heroine? Recovering Emily Hobhouse 1899-1926’, Leeds Cultural Conversation Series, 7 March 2018.
  • Rebecca Gill and Helen Dampier presented The Emily Hobhouse Letters: Epistolary Networks and ‘Self-biography’ at a workshop hosted by The Lives and Afterlives of Letters Network at the University of Manchester on Friday 16 February 2018.
  • Helen Dampier and Rebecca Gill presented ‘A Powerful Peace Document’? Emily Hobhouse and Tant’ Alie of the Transvaal: Her Diary 1880-1902, Women’s History Network Conference, University of Birmingham, 1-2 September 2017.
  • Cornelis Muller presented “I’ve upset their applecart”: Emily Hobhouse’s activism as non-state actor during the period of reconstruction, 1902-1910, South African Historical Society Conference, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, 21-23 June 2017.
  • Rebecca Gill, ‘The Manchester Guardian, ‘liberal internationalism’, and the lessons of the Boer War’ –  ‘Comment is Free, but facts are sacred’: The Guardian in Local, National and Global History – conference, John Rylands Library, University of Manchester, April 2017.
  • Rebecca Gill and Kate Law, ‘South Africa as Test Case?’ Emily Hobhouse and the international peace movement’ – Gendering the Peace conference, Sheffield University, 19-20 Jan 2017
  • Kate Law, ‘Forgotten Histories: Emily Hobhouse and the Home Industries Scheme‘, Vryfees Arts Festival, Bloemfontein, 14t July 2016.
  • Helen Dampier, ‘Researching the Letters of Emily Hobhouse’,The Social History Society Conference, Lancaster, 22 March 2016.

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